The Students of Stan Godwin Photography Workshops

The Gallery of Photography, Orleans Camera, 9 West Road, Orleans, MA 02653 Opening Reception: Saturday March 1, 3-5PM

March 1 to March 30

This year’s show includes seven photographers currently working with Stan on a year long project. The project began in June of 2013 and required at least two pieces of new work per month for critique. All work was submitted via email for observations and directions. The seven students; Bill Burke, Barbara Ford-Doyle, Ellie Holmes, David Jordan, Imbi Kiiss, Valdo Kiiss and Robert Marty had been part of the Projects Class offered in the Spring of 2013.

 The eighth student is a junior from Nauset High School and works with Stan as part of the Heritage Gardens ArtWorks School Program. Each fall and spring interested students are paired with working professionals on the Cape for a 10 week internship. Stan’s intern, Joni McGinley, had never taken photography before October 2013.

 As is always the case the work of all photographers tends to be quite different from the others in the group. The concept of the project is not to define a singular subject, but to explore it from various directions. Some imagery is familiar, while other images require more involvement.

 Please enjoy them and contact the photographer directly with any questions.