Seeing the Light: Morning Fog

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod exhibit at Cotuit Center for the Arts

January 11 to February 22

Seeing the Light: Interpretation of the theme. Chatham is the “fog capital” of Cape Cod. As usual, I headed down the steps at Lighthouse Beach to let my dog run. The fog was so thick it formed droplets on my eyelashes.

  A vagueness comes over everything,

  as though proving color and contour alike dispensable:

  the lighthouse extinct…

  drunk up like milk in the universal emulsion…

  a rumor in a mumble of ocean.*

Taking a memorable picture (capture is the photographic term often used) and writing a beautiful poem are both the same creative process—committing to record an emotional response. At 7:45AM on February 28, 2013, I’d like to think that Amy Clampitt and I could have been on the same wavelength.

*Fog, The Collected Poems of Amy Clampitt, published by Alfred A. Knopf. Copyright ©1997.